The Beurei Hatefila Institute was established in order to encourage the study of the words of the Siddur as a Jewish text in Jewish schools. To assist educators develop
courses on Tefila, the Institute publishes a weekly e-mail newsletter in which it traces the sources for the words and structure of the prayers within the Siddur.   To date,
newsletters covering Birchos Haschachar, Pseukei D'Zimra, Birchot Kriyat Shema and Kriyat Shema, Shemona Esrei, Tachanun, Kriyas Ha'Torah, Mincha, Maariv, Shabbos
and the Holidays have been published.  The individual newsletters and  compilations of the newsletters as e-books are available to be downloaded at no charge.
The Beurei


Understanding The Words, Structure, and Development of the Siddur-The Jewish Prayer Book
Abe Katz, is available to meet with
school administrators to assist them in
establishing a course in Beurei Hatefila
at their schools and to train teachers on
using Hebrew-English word processing
and Judaic libraries on CD-ROM.   
Mr. Katz is also available to teach
courses on Tefila at your synagogue or
Jewish Community Center and as a
Recommended Reading List
To gain a greater understanding of Tefila, you may
want to consider creating a Tefila library
Download Individual Newsletters
Abe Katz
Executive Director
Author and Publisher
of the
Weekly E-Mail Newsletter
להבין את התפלה
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Man’s true function is to know
G-d, and to make G-d known:
he can know G-d only through His
revelation, and he can comprehend that
revelation only by continued study - Philo
The Beurei Hatefila Institute
remembers Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth,
zt"l, who taught Beurei Hatefila at
Maimonides School, Brookline, MA
for over 35 years by establishing the
ספרי מנהגים
Books Of Customs
Books of customs are excellent sources for
researching the history of Tefila.  Thanks to many of these books are now
available in digital form.  
A Modern Day Book Of Minhagim
Test Your Knowledge Of Tefilas Shacharis
The Synagogue
The More You Know About Its Past-
The More You Want To Be A Part Of Its Future
Service Mark Of The Beurei Hatefila Institute
A Handbook To Jewish Prayer
E-Books On Jewish Prayer
The Beurei Hatefila Institute One Year
Course On Tefila
The Topics Covered Include:
  • Defining Jewish Prayer
  • The Origin Of The Synagogue
  • The Purpose Of Kriyas Ha'Torah
  • The Origin Of The Mourner's
  • The Link Between Studying
    Torah And Jewish Prayer
  • The Origin Of The Jewish Prayer
Abe Katz Drafted The Fourteen Principles
Of Jewish Prayer
To Read A Sample Chapter
Contact Abe Katz if you would like him to teach the
Fourteen Principles of Jewish Prayer at your school or
at your synagogue.
Abe Katz recently edited and annotated the book: Guide
To Jewish Prayer by Rabbi Isaiah Wohlgemuth, z"l.  You
can order a copy of the book from Maimonides School,
Brookline, MA by contacting
News From The Beurei Hatefila Institute
The Beurei Hatefila Library
Abe Katz Founding Director Of The
Beurei Hatefila Institute spent the last
fifteen years researching the origin of
the prayers found in the Siddur.  The
results of  his research were published
as weekly e-mail newsletters that were
distributed to educators and laymen
Abe Katz Presented Three Lectures On-Line
Through  On Tracing The
Structure Of The Siddur
On Line Class-What We Can Learn About Tefila
From The Machzor Roma
Download Source Sheets And Recordings
On Line Class-Preparing Bnei Mitzvah For Participation
in Communal Prayer
Download Source Sheets And Listen To Recordings
On Line Class-What We Can Learn About The
Tefilos Of Lail Shabbos By Comparing Versions
Of Those Tefilos-
On Line Class-The Origin Of The Haggadah.  
On Line Class-Tefila 101-Three Steps Towards
More Meaningful Tefila.  
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